Our Vision

Hollywood is typically controlled by the larger studios that focus on blockbusters and their blockbuster budgets. At Rootbeer Films, Inc., our smaller production company will include smaller films with budgets of between 1-5 million dollars. These smaller budgets in turn, leaves Rootbeer Films, Inc. to a variety of independent producers working for innovative new distributors and pay per view portals, such as Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, The Sci-fy Channel and Crackle.

During its first year of operating, Rootbeer Films, Inc. plans to focus on this smaller film world with the goal of producing a slate of films that are budgeted cost effectively in the under 5 million dollar range.

Rootbeer Films, Inc. already has a slate of films and television projects including a reality show concept currently being represented by The GERSH AGENCY. With our slate of films and television projects, over 75% have been created in-house and are in various stages of production.

Rootbeer Films, Inc has finished the development of its first two projects, “2ndUnit” and “Women – Hard Hitters of Hollywood”, two feature length documentaries that goes behind the scenes of the stunt world as we know it today. These documentaries feature A-list actors like; Keanu Reeves, Halle Berry, Helen Mirren, Zoe Saldana, John Wick director Chad Stahelski and James Cameron are both presently in production. “2ndUnit” is scheduled to be completed July of 2019.

Rootbeer Films also, presently has a project for a network TV series called, “Swish”, a kids’ basketball tale, written by Johnnie Smith, at a major distributor and is in talks to produce. If successful, this is the time when Rootbeer Films, Inc. will be positioned in the marketplace with distribution deals in place at various stages of development. At this stage, the company will give a new look and facelift to its profile and track record.

Rootbeer Films, Inc., has also completed the development of its fourth project, called “Dance 10”, and is currently seeking financing. This project will be budgeted at 2-3 million dollars. The third stage of operations will also include the financing of the fifth project, a romantic comedy called, “The 3rd Date Rule”. This project will be budgeted at 1-2 million dollars. Written by Rootbeer Films’ Head of Production, Johnnie L. Smith, story is loosely based on the 1979 feature film romantic comedy, “Starting Over”, starring Burt Reynolds and Jill Clayburgh.

For stage four, the long-term business plan of the company will include raising capital and hiring appropriate personnel to support worldwide marketing and distribution plans for future projects. After the completion of the first three projects, the company will consider acquiring finished films and investing in additional unfinished films that are in post-production. The company will represent these films for domestic distribution and international sales acting as a foreign sales agent.